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Lindbergh School portables headed for sale, demolition
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For sale: Lindbergh School. For demolition: Lindbergh School.

It’s not the empty old brick building on East North Street whose façade is synonymous with Lindbergh School that is headed for the wrecking ball and market listing. Marked for permanent banishment from the city-block-sized property of the Manteca Unified School District are the portables located in the back of the main building that once housed the district’s Adult School.

But before any sale or demolition can take place, first it has to have the blessing of the district Board of Trustees. That authorization to get rid of “surplus” portables will be discussed and then voted on by the trustees at their next meeting on Tuesday, July 30, starting at 7 p.m. in the district office board room at 2271 W. Louise Avenue.

Removal of the surplus structures at the Lindbergh is being done to pave the way for the relocation of two of the district’s departments to this site – the Health Services and Grounds and Maintenance which will use some of the space here as its corporation yard.

The four portables that are deemed in poor condition are recommended for demolition. The rest of the 17 portables in the inventory have been declared in fair condition and will be recommended for sale.

The price tag for getting rid of these structures is estimated at $75,000 or approximately $5,000 per portable. The cost will go toward the demolition process for the buildings that are considered in poor condition, or those that will not be sold that would go under the wrecking ball as well. Included in the expense would be the abatement costs incurred in the required removal of any hazardous materials.

The empty Lindbergh School building was vacated by the Adult School several years back as a cost-cutting step. Along with that move was the relocation of many ROP programs as well as the Independent Study program.

In the last couple of years, the district explored several viable options on what to do with the shuttered building. Among the options considered included working with local agencies as well as with the California State University, Stanislaus on the possible use of the site.

A handful programs are still utilizing some of the facilities at the Lindbergh site. The Automotive ROP program still occupies one of the warehouse buildings on the east side of the parking lot in the back, and a child care program is still using a couple of the classrooms in the building facing Lincoln Avenue.