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Diamond Pet Food will add production line later this year
State of the art odor control

Diamond Pet Food is looking to add another production line later this year.

This is part of the proposed expansion project to the existing pet food production facility in Ripon located at 942 S. Stockton Ave.

The City of Ripon, according to Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart, will be considering approval of an entitlement to allow for the installation and operation of a fourth production line, which would require an environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act by mid to late 2019.

Diamond Pet Food officials recently upgraded to what they referred to as “The Ferrari” of odor abatement equipment and technology with the regenerative thermal oxidization system – or the RTO – which, Zuidervaart said on Wednesday, has been operational since Dec. 14.

“The RTO equipment has the capacity to treat dispelled air from the three existing production lines as well as the proposed fourth production line,” he added.

Meanwhile, Diamond Pet Food – makers of over 100 brands of kibble, from Dick Van Patton Natural Balance to The Taste of the Wild varieties – has been collecting data to validate the new equipment’s efficiency.

“The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District received one complaint in December and zero in January, since the new equipment was installed,” Zuidervaart said.

The City of Ripon is seeking help from the community in conducting the research.

Residents can report smells of pet food odor by contacting the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District at 800.281.7003.

They’re also required to log in the date, time, and place in which the odor was detected.