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Manteca Martial Arts is getting back to its roots
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Manteca Martial Arts has recently moved from their studio to 1347 Historical Plaza Way (next door to Game Stop).

The decision for the move came when owner Sensei Mark Cameron realized that the previous location, although a more spacious facility, was actually keeping him from giving individual attention to his students the way he desires, due to the larger class sizes.

 “It has always been my goal to teach quality, fun classes with a personal touch” he says.

 Moving to a smaller location and setting a limited class size has allowed the Sensei to get back to his roots of teaching the art of karate to willing students in a more effective, personal manner.

 As a 6th degree black belt in pursuit of his 7th degree, his own training began long ago as a young boy in a very traditional Japanese system.  There he met many great martial artists and worked side by side with numerous dedicated students.  During that time of training, he witnessed what worked and what didn’t work in developing future black belts.  Having this understand led him to open his own studio 25-years ago and to this day Sensei Mark still enjoys working hard at developing techniques, skills and confidence in his students of all ages and ranks. 

Office manager and wife, Jamie Cameron, better known to students as “Miss Jamie” has helped her husband build a strong reputation within the community as a business that provides exciting and practical classes, along with exceptional, caring customer service.  For those who know Miss Jamie, they know that part of her most excellent customer service skills include hugs and words of encouragement for students striving to be the best they can be.

 Together the Cameron’s have positively impacted the lives of many in the community. “It has been 25 years and I have been honored to train hundreds of students to black belt” shared Sensei Mark. 

Offering unlimited training five days a week for students ranging from 3 years old to adults, with no contracts or long term commitments, Sensei Mark eagerly anticipates training the next generation of black belts.

 During the summer the studio offers a variety of summer camps where young students experience loads of fun playtime while also learning various karate techniques at an accelerated rate. 

 The regular classes offered year round at Manteca Marital Arts include:

 Kickboxing—Men and women of all ages and of all skill levels learn techniques needed to win a kicking match without actually going into the ring. Each class offers a complete cardiovascular workout which not only helps with weight loss but also helps to strengthening the body as well.

Mixed Martial Art— Students learn the ancient Okinawa Shotokan martial arts system combined with Shaolin Kempo and other martial arts systems. The classes include low stances, high kicks, and powerful punches that are specifically designed to build skills and improve performance.

Self Defense — Whether man or a woman, young or old, these valuable and necessary skills will help students learn to protect themselves and others around them

 The studio offers a free week of training to anyone interested in trying one of their classes.  For those who choose to join, Manteca Martial Arts also offers a free uniform with the first month’s tuition.