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Manteca Police swears in officers, sergeants, clerks
Janie Sweeten pins her husband Joshs Manteca Police badge on his chest during swearing-in ceremonies at Manteca City Hall Tuesday afternoon. - photo by Photo courtesy Manteca Police Department

Ten-year Ripon police officer Josh Sweeten officially joined the ranks of the Manteca Police Department during ceremonies Tuesday afternoon.

The ceremonies also brought in a second patrolman to the city’s ranks, saw two officers promoted to sergeant along with the addition of two records clerks and the promotion of records clerk Marisa Huntley to serve as a community service officer.

Ripon Police First Sergeant Steve Merchant lauded Sweeten for doing an outstanding job in his tenure with his department.  Merchant said that Sweeten was a fine officer had learned some great skills while working in Ripon and would serve the Manteca community well using those same skills.  Sweeten was badged by his wife Janie as others were pinned by members of their families as well.

The second patrolman added to the ranks is Bryce Lickness. 

Two longtime officers, who have both served in the detective ranks, Wayne Miller and Paul Carmona, were elevated to supervisory positions as sergeants.  During their tenure with Manteca Police, both men have made their marks on the community with their work ethics, their investigative skills and usually calm demeanor.

Most recently Miller worked as the lead detective on last Halloween night’s murder case in the northwest part of the city. Carmona was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit where he had been involved in rooting out large in-home marijuana grows.  Both officers had also served their time as patrolmen with Carmona having also been assigned to traffic enforcement as a motorcycle officer and a member of the SWAT team.  He has served in law enforcement for the past 17 years with Miller being in police work for 18 years just last Thursday.  Miller years ago served with the Jackson Police Department and Carmona worked early on for Livingston Police.

Also taking the oath of office in the crowded city council chambers were new records clerks Bobbi Donaldson and Tyler Davis along with dispatcher Ryan Smith and Community Service Officer Marisa Huntley.