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New Girl Scout troop forms in Manteca
Rosie Koopmann and Lisa Barber look over awards that their new Girl Scout troop can earn. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL


For more information on how to get involved with The Girl Scouts of America or local chapters that are accepting members, visit the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California website at, or call 1(800) 834-9899

Lisa Barber had so much fun when she was a Girl Scout she knew that she couldn’t let her daughter pass up the opportunity.

So with the help of a friend and some recruiting, Barber managed to create Troop 2726 of the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Council. It is a group of eight girls that will spend the first few months as “Brownies” before progressing on to the next level.

“I know that I had so much fun when I was a Girl Scout, and when my daughter wanted to get involved, I knew it was something that I wanted to help with,” said Barber – who will co-chair the group along with the mother of another girl. “I think that it’s a good experience for all of the girls, and in a day and age when you have television and video games, it provides an outlet where girls can be social.”

Starting early Saturday morning, the girls began placing the items they collected for the group’s first fundraiser, a garage sale, out onto tables at an East Manteca home.

By organizing, pricing, and ultimately raising money for their Troop, the girls will be able to earn their first “Triad” – not to mention get to work towards fun goals like going to Great America and going horseback riding.

Once they progress to the next level, Barber said, the focus will shift to becoming more community service based and allowing the girls to get involved with the town that they live.

“It’ll be a chance for them to develop skills by doing something for other people,” Barber said. “That’s one of the things that I remember most about being a part of the Girls Scouts, and I’m looking forward to seeing the girls grow as they start out on their own journeys.”