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Upcycled business opens downtown
Virginia Pina owner of ReDesign by V. - photo by MONICA CANE

Virginia Pina’s dream came true with the grand opening of her new business — ReDesigns By V – in downtown Manteca.

The business sells beautiful recrafted, upcycled and refurbished furniture, art and near the center of downtown at 229 West Yosemite Avee. 

Having considered various locations for her store at different times, Pina never quiet felt that she had found the perfect location for her business until now, in downtown Manteca. After all, what would a close-knit community such as Manteca be like without a quaint little shop that offers homemade re-crafted furniture pieces, handbags, jewelry and stunning household furnishings right in the center of the city.

“I’ve wanted do this forever,” Pina said. 

Having always been inclined toward the craft of re-working gently used items, Pina wasn’t sure if owning her own business was possible until three years ago when she began gaining a following and then began selling her items. 

“That’s when I started to believe that I really could do this,” she saod.

Just as with any wise new business owner, Pina has decided to start off slow and increase gradually. As members in the community become more familiar with her quality of work and outstanding selection of items, Pina will look to increase her business hours as deemed necessary. 

For now, store hours will be every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Offering a variety of refashioned items in various styles from vintage, classic, traditional, rustic and modern, ReDesigns By V has a little something for everyone. Presently, all the items offered from watches, candles, lamps, bags, pictures, dressers, cabinets and so forth are made, or better said, remade by Pina. Nonetheless, she is very open to the idea of setting up consignments in her store for a few selected items with other redesigners such as herself.

For many redesigners, their only selling options are through garage sales, classified ads or word of mouth and although it’s a good start, Pina hopes to offer consignors a way to gain better exposure while earning money for their recreated pieces through her new business. 

While starting small is the plan, judging by the success of her grand opening, it is very likely that ReDesigns By V will grow quickly. Another business positive is that refurbished home, art and décor items are seemingly trending these days. In addition, Pina has enlisted her daughter Vanessa to help promote the business by using her strong organization and customer service skills. 

While Pina’s skills lean towards redesigning, her daughter excels in customer relations, planning, managing and coordinating all things pertaining to business. All skills combined, mother and daughter are bound to find rapid success.

Pina’s plans for the near future include connecting with members in the community, discovering their home and décor needs, expanding the selection of her own redesigned items as well promoting the work of other redesigners through consignment. 

“I may be starting small but I have a definite plan to grow,” she said.”

For more information on ReDesigns By V or possible consignment opportunities visit or call 209.603.6977.