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Cantu explains his campaign ad
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

My recent campaign advertisement in the Manteca Bulletin raised some eyebrows, and needs a bit of explanation. The advertisement simply emphasizes that for good reason if the community wants change then it should vote for those candidates that are not presently seated on the city council. 

I believe both Richard Silverman and Mike Morowit represent fresh minds with the desire to improve public service levels, the depleting fiscal condition, and quality-of-life conditions in this community. Each candidate brings a special component necessary to a well-balanced and enlightened Council, Richard has the financial background and Mike is a hands-on business owner. 

After attending candidate forums over eight years with each of the incumbents, I am convinced that the existing councilmembers do not understand the fiscal and physical mechanics of managing a community. I have heard the same old “…we need to work on…” spiel and lines, “…we have brought in jobs, jobs, etc…which will generate new sales tax…and will make things better…” Frankly, for 14 years (and longer) the Council has given us the same lines, gone through the same management style, and made the same decisions which have resulted in the same outcome; there has been no improvement, the community is still waiting for the sales tax to “make things better” and they have yet to bring forward many of the missing community and quality-of-life amenities missing for decades. I am convinced that real improvement will come with a new city council. 

As for the homeless shelter matter, I believe two things. One, it is everyone’s personal decision as to whether they wish to give to a person asking for a handout. And, two, I believe that “if you build it, they will come”, makes a good movie, but it is tantamount to burying one’s head in the sand; or as the City Council has decided, close both eyes and they (the homeless) will go away.

I recommend the voting community look towards change and vote for a new vision, a new mindset, and a new focus on public service.


Benjamin Cantu