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Clinton: Pay to play & more
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,

Election time is almost upon us.  With all the rhetoric surrounding this election, the choice of who to vote for can be overwhelming.  

Today’s voter needs to look at the party and not the candidates.  The Democrats offer only corruption in their bid to win any political office.  Over the last decade, myself, as well as others, have warned about this only to have the local Democrats carry the lie forward and reply with snarky rebuttals.  The Democrats had an ominous warning that foretold what was to come. Obamacare web sites were vulnerable to hacking and the Democrats were warned.  Several years ago, Hillary provided a State Department wide warning to those who work at the State Department to protect their communications.  This lack of security has come back to expose their true colors of corruption.  We see that they will do anything to get elected.  

Hillary tells the American people one story, and in private, tells others a different story.  Hillary admitted this during the second Presidential debate when she referenced Lincoln. The leaked documents and the videos from Project Veritas have corroborated this truth.  Obama, and Clinton have both stated they want to be the most transparent Presidents.  Wiki leaks and Project Veritas have shown this to not be true.  In fact, the opposite is their practice.  We have seen their lies.  Several high level leaders in the DNC and Clinton campaign have been fired in the last few weeks.  Clinton has claimed that the Trump supporters are violent.  The media was showing all the protestors at the Trump rallies getting into fights.  Then they stopped just as quickly as they started.  Why?  The Project Veritas videos caught several high level leaders, who have been fired, bragging how the DNC and Democrats went to the Trump rallies to provoke the people there.  We now know that it is Democrats who are bullies and violent.  

How many times have conservatives complained about voter fraud only to be belittled by the Democrats that there is no evidence supporting that claim.  Project Veritas has released video showing how the Democrats conduct voter fraud.  They even are bragging how voter laws are being weakened in several states so they can commit more voter fraud.  

Listen to how much the Democrats are against Trump for his comments towards women.  How angry do they sound?  Democrats actually like to participate in this kind of behavior.  When Bill Clinton claimed in front of the American people that he did not have sexual relations with Monica, the Democrats stood by him.  It was latter on that we found out the he did have sexual relationships with Monica.  There was a cigar and blue dress involved.  Jennifer Flowers was another woman Bill had relations with.  Hillary has stood by Bill and attached any women who dare accuse Bill of rape.  

If anyone thinks that Trump should drop out of the race for his antics, then they must condemn Hillary, not vote for her, and seek her indictment for corruption.  If you defended what Bill did in the White House, then you condone that type of behavior.  The Democrats are telling people that the emails should not be used because they were leaked from a foreign country that is influencing American politics.  Hillary is committing fraud with her acceptance of foreign money for Play to Play.  The King of Morocco was forced to give $12  million to the Clinton Foundation in order for Hillary to speak.  Other emails have been released showing that Democrats who want a position in the government or special favors had to give to the Clinton Foundation.  If you look at the tax records filed by the Foundation, and the Clintons, the Foundation paid the Clintons over $10 million in speaking fees.  The payout to help people in need is about 5% to 10% of income.  Any reputable charity gives back 90% or more of their income.  The Foundation is the bribery method for laundering the bribery money.  The Democrats believe their corruption and influence from foreigners is OK, but the foreign influence from Wiki Leaks by the “Russians’” is wrong.  This is a theft blaming the witness for the crime.

Scott McComas