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Congress isnt listening to who they represent
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

You have done an excellent job of hitting the nail on the head with your articles.  I enjoy reading your articles for that reason.  How about taking on our representatives?  I do not understand why they seem to think that they know what’s best for us and that we are not capable of making intelligent decisions for ourselves.  I think they are making terrible decisions and I personally think every one of them should be run out of office.  Anyone who has taken a college Economic 101 course knows and understands that the current Health Care Program will bankrupt our country.  

The deals that have been made in order to get enough votes to pass it have been accomplished with extortion and bribery, plain and simple.  This is unlawful and immoral as far as I’m concerned.  If it were as great as it should be, bribery would not be necessary. As was pointed out in a letter in Saturday’s paper, it is also unconstitutional.  Our representatives have lost all common sense and morals. They are not listening to the people they represent.  They are pushing the President’s wishes on us and have completely forgotten their job description is to represent the people from their districts.  Our forefathers would be turning in their graves.  

I am forwarding an article about our Speaker.  It’s a good example about how concerned she is about cutting costs (not) and saving money for the country.  They think of themselves as elitists who know what is good for the rest of us.  They in fact do not know what’s best for the country.  They do not understand us and they do not represent us.  I want changes, but I want changes that will be good for the country and not harm it.   I don’t see our current representatives standing up for the common man and achieving that goal. They have forgotten what their job is and have forgotten how to do it.  

 Linda Silverman  
Dec. 23, 2009