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Golf is just like playing any other sport
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is in reference to the letter, “Golf is a rich man’s game” submitted by Fleenor Richards.
As in our country as a whole, unthinking people tend to see things thru the lens of their belief systems. I can see you dislike golf. But really golf is just a sport like any other, although golf can be played by all ages and by people of most physical capabilities. For seniors it is a way to get exercise and camaraderie which is much needed when we age. Please be aware that seniors only get a discount of $15 a month. Maybe you could consider that children, young men, women, and also seniors cold be out socializing and getting exercise rather than sitting at home and playing video games or watching HBO while sitting on the sofa. This might even keep some of our citizens out of the doctor’s office. At our golf course you can get whole month of golf for only $80 for locals, less than for one month of cable television. How can this be a rich man’s game?
Please consider my letter of July. The accounting system used by the Manteca Parks and Recreation Department is skewed. Many of the disbursements attributed to the golf course pay for parts of salaries of people in Parks & Rec management, upkeep on other parks and tennis courts and have nothing to do with the golf course. Perhaps the city should share full accounting of golf expenses and what they are for? (What a concept.)

Tom Dunne