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Governor Brown, where are you?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Watching (yet again!) what is going on at UC Berkeley, I cannot help but wonder where is our governor?  So much is said about what President Trump does or does not do and even if you are not for him, it cannot be said that he is silent and invisible like our Governor is.  I grew up not too far from Berkeley and I do not recognize this town or University at all.  What I do see is Nazi Brown shirts — this was the arm of the Nazi Party that beat up everyone they did not agree with especially Jews but even people who did not give the Nazi Heil Hitler salute when the Brown shirts thought they should. 
The NAZI  acronym stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Anyone who lived during that era (even without TV) knows what that stands for, fascism at its worst.  I happen to know people who as children lived through that time in Europe and in Germany.  It was horrible in so many ways.  They burned books (saw that at Cal Berkeley recently on TV and it was the Antifas who were doing it). They sought total control of almost everything including the children. There was fear — gut-wrenching fear.  Who is now fearful?  Not the Antifa who call the right fascists,  I believe in free speech just not free mayhem.
 The trick now is to call everyone else fascists while the anti-fascist group burns the books, attacks the people they do not agree with and calls them names trying to trick the rest of us into believing these Christian, moderates are fascists.  I do not know much about the Patriot Prayer group except I did not see that they were masked or armed or violent.  I saw the Antifa group attack them and if they could get one on the ground they attacked like jackals kicking and hitting with whatever they had handy. 
Through all of this where is our governor?  When was the last time tyou heard him speak, or saw him on TV?  I have been trying to remember and I cannot remember when he last spoke or even was quoted in newspapers.  Why is he so silent?  Is he too busy stealing water from the Delta or building an expensive train while traffic backs up for hours on our freeways?  Obviously Governor brown does not want to comment on these controversial problems that the rest of us are having to deal with.  How convenient for him.  And I have not heard anyone else wondering where he is. 
Governor Brown — where are you?  What are you doing to resolve this problem and so many others?  Why are you so silent?  President Trump is criticized when he speaks and when he does not speak but at least he is brave enough to continue to be in public and to speak.  Where are you?
There is a chance I missed your speech, Governor, and if that is the case, I apologize.  I realize I do not always watch TV or read every word of every newspaper, and I do have a life so maybe I missed it.  But in any event, certainly a strong leader is now needed.  And you will not have to take sides against a side but just against violence.  We all have the right to be wrong and we all have the right to our opinions.  We just do not have the right to be allowed to beat anyone who is not saying what we want to hear and we do not have the right to tell the police not to interfere when any group is breaking the law.

Marie Evans