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Having health care should be a right
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After being laid off from my job, I find myself without health care.  I have three high school aged children all of which play sports.  I can’t help but to think every single day, what if they get hurt? What if they get sick?

I have been struggling with the flu, for over a week, and I don’t have medical insurance just to go to the doctor to get some medication.  This is not right! I have worked my entire life, and now I can’t even see the doctor when I am ill.  I am just one family, how many of us are out there in this same situation?  We need to have the health care bill passed, and quickly. Everyone should be able to see a doctor, this is one thing that should not be a privilege but a right.

Carla Triplett
Feb. 6, 2010