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Hopes ObamaCare plan gets thrown out
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After reading the article in the Manteca Bulletin that Dennis Wyatt wrote on Thursday, June 27, (“ObamaCare math doesn’t add up for young healthy adults”)  I have to say that this whole plan is not going to work for everyone.  It is not just the young people. It affects everyone including seniors.

What gets me is that the ObamaCare is a mandatory program and those who do not have health care will be fined  $700.  I guess that means that when you go to the doctors and they ask if you have insurance and you say no then they will report you to the government.  This whole issue is a joke.

You can bet that the illegals will not be required to get insurance and they will get medical attention at our expense. They should have to pay a fine too. When 2014 comes around all these  people who voted for our current president will find out what they are going to get  at an expense to all of us.  The comment Wyatt made about the young people having to cover  seniors because they will need more medical attention is not quite true.  All working people  are already paying into Medicare on their pay checks and the seniors are paying by having their Medicare portion increase each year before getting your net amount.  The fact the government wants to mess with your income tax return or tax you is something I personally don’t agree with.  The government should have the same insurance plans that we get to pick from instead of the ones they have which is better than any of us have. And guess what? We pay for their insurance they pay nothing.  I do not  like the idea that our government is telling us what we have to do or else.  What has happened to our country  and what happen to our rights? I really hope that this whole plan will eventually get thrown out and  something else put in its place.

Connie Finck
June 30, 2013