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Impressed with landscape design service
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As in years past, this year’s Manteca Garden Tour included inspiring gardens to explore, filled with unique plants and creative use of landscaping. The last home on the tour hosted refreshments and raffle prizes. This brings me to the point of my letter – to correct my oversight from last year’s tour.

At that time, I won a gift certificate for one hour of landscape design service. I had always wished that our budget allowed me to reap the benefits of a professional’s advice, but more pressing needs always seem to pop up, relegating this desire to the back burner. Instead, I’d peruse the pages of Sunset magazine and other gardening publications, ripping out garden designs and plant combinations that I admired. I still do this. Reading Sunset, I was happily surprised to discover that one of those admired designs was the work of Manteca landscape designer, Eric Teberg. So I was super excited, last year, to find out that Teberg had donated his services as a raffle prize for the Garden Club Tour. Every ticket that I bought (plus a few of my husband’s tickets) went into that prize’s container. To say that I was happy to win is a complete understatement. When Mr. Teberg arrived at our house, he immediately began dispensing insightful and valuable advice and suggestions. I had to stop him for a moment so that I could grab a notebook to write as much and as fast as I could, recording and gleaning every piece of expertise from him possible in that time frame. I had three pages of crammed notes, scribbled so quickly that some are as puzzling to decipher as hieroglyphs.

Loving plants, I have a somewhat extensive garden and was totally amazed at the extent a professional eye can truly transform a garden. Some of his suggestions were simple, yet effective, easy and inexpensive to achieve (requires small purchases or just “sweat equity”), while others, on a grander scale, will take extra time and investment. Overall, it was such a rewarding experience to have an expert walk through the landscape, pointing out the garden’s strengths and weaknesses or areas needing improvement. Although tactful, Teberg did not sugar-coat anything and helped me see things that I had not purposely considered before. Such as filled space vs. open space interactions.

When my husband and I began to implement some of Teberg’s suggestions, we were immediately struck by the impact of the improvements. It is very exciting to institute changes, stand back and then realize how much better the garden looks. Our landscape is still a work in progress (as are most gardens), but thanks to Eric Teberg, we feel that it is progressing in a good direction. I regret that it took me so long to write this and share my fulfilling experience with those who face the daunting task of developing a landscape from scratch (like the backyards of Del Webb and other new home developments) or renovating an overgrown garden that doesn’t meet one’s needs. The work of Eric Teberg is inspirational, but grounded in real-world practical and workable solutions and designs. I highly recommend Eric Teberg to anyone with the opportunity to hire a skilled landscape designer.

Karen Pearsall


May 20, 2012