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Manteca needs 1.9% growth cap
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Manteca has four positions open for the water conservation effort. I am not surprised at the resignations of these people, for they can readily determine that the city has a discriminatory water conservation program. This council is far from being serious about saving water when they approve of thousands of new homes that consume the water we save.
I was criticized by Councilman Vince Hernandez for not serving on the committee but, it is apparent that I made the right choice in turning it down. This committee has to work within a narrow framework in serving on the committee. They are limited to imposing further water restrictions on residents only. This council has excused developers in having to comply with the city preservation program. I refused to be on a committee and limited to imposing more water conservation on residents who are required to meet the state water mandate, while letting developers off the hook for conservation.
This council refuses to curb the mass development that they allow in this city and that nullifies the efforts of residents in conserving water. This council refuses to adapt a growth cap on development that would make residents’ efforts more meaningful. The current cap is designed purely for developers’ benefits for it has a clause that allows this council to exceed the cap. This cap is useless in controlling growth in this city. We need to adopt a 1.5 percent cap with no council escape clause. We need to stop the system of allowing sewer roll over in this city that allows this city to build beyond the confines of the cap. We need an ironclad cap that should be strictly adhered to, no exceptions. Actually we need a council that works for the people, one that implements fairness in the efforts to conserve water.
The committee is nothing less than an attempt to make the people think this council is concerned about preservation.

Fleener Richard