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Musings about Manteca City Council
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
With the new year off and running, Mayor Steve DeBrum has wasted no time doing things his way by appointing two members to the Manteca Planning Commission the old fashioned way as it was cut and dried long before it came before the council.
With the city in turmoil by having the city manager on paid leave perhaps DeBrum could appoint his right-hand man Councilman Richard Silverman or Councilman Mike Morowit as the new city manager. Although new councilman Gary Singh has already been promoted to mayor pro temp, Singh would not be quite ready for the leap to city manager although he would love it.
On the other hand, 2017 got off to a good start given there was no regular council meeting on Jan. 3. Perhaps the council members all needed time off by doing nothing — which they all do anyway — while still getting paid.
Morowit is fast taking the place of former Councilman Vince Hernandez when it comes to talking. Most of the time he talks it means nothing.

Fred Millner