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No justification to make Lathrop Road 4 lanes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Over the past year or so, I have noticed an increase in the volume of heavy truck traffic along Lathrop Road through Manteca, and recently read in the Manteca Bulletin that Lathrop Road is being developed as a through truck connector route between Interstate 5 and Highway 99.

Through Manteca, Lathrop Road bisects and/or adjoins several residential areas. Allowing big rigs to slice through our neighborhoods, in many instances, only feet from peoples’ yards and bedrooms is inappropriate and irresponsible. It appears that preference is being given to trucking interests with apparent disregard for the noise, vibration and emissions impacts to our families.

There is no need to allow Lathrop Road to be used as a pseudo freeway bypass for heavy trucks. The Crosstown Freeway and Highway 120 already serve as nearby connector routes between I-5 and Highway 99.

I anticipate that saving or creating jobs are among the rationales likely to be cited for allowing through trucks on Lathrop Road. It is highly unlikely that any jobs would be created or saved by forcing transportation companies to use existing freeway connectors. In any case, no job is worth the degradation of quality of life for Manteca’s citizens.

I was further dismayed to read the other day that Lathrop Road is now slated for widening to four lanes through Manteca. Currently, there is no justification for adding additional lanes here. With the Central Valley already facing federal sanctions for air pollution, inducing more development and traffic volume is irresponsible.

I look to Willie Weatherford, as the mayor of our city, to take the initiative to make and influence decisions that result in responsible growth without degrading our quality of life.

I sent this letter to Mayor Weatherford on July 10 and have yet to receive a response. Perhaps an oversight or it was caught in his spam filter...

Bill Pulsifer
July 24, 2013