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Please respect our veterans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On July 4, our Independence Day, the volunteers of the American Legion McFall Grisham Post 249 of Manteca were rolling up flags on Union Road like we have done for years. Obviously this takes some time, and we were going about our routine. A motorist got impatient, almost hit one of our veterans, and then ensued to call them a sexual slur. A total lack of respect for what we were doing, the veterans that were working, and the American flag. It ensued into the liquor store parking lot on Union Road where he got out of his car and threatened two of our veteran guys, telling them he will be back with a friend. Well they did come back and a fight ensued into Union Road and into the apartments next to the tennis courts. The Manteca Police were quickly on the scene and apprehended one of the antagonists right away. Lo and behold, the guy that started the whole ordeal fled on foot, only to be apprehended later. The whole thing was a mess. I am not sure why two young men would want to fight veterans, who fought for our country, 60 years old or above. Why would they put volunteers’ lives in jeopardy?

First, I would like to thank the Manteca Police Department for their swift response, and also for apprehending the two people that were responsible for the whole scene. I would also like to thank my son and his two friends that were helping us, who came to our aid in the altercation.

Unfortunately, one of his friends suffered a cut eye and a front tooth was knocked out. The sad part is he doesn’t have the finances to fix his tooth, and I am sure he won’t get that from the man responsible for his injuries. As veterans and friends, we all came together to ensure our safety and well being, just like we did when we were serving our country. I just don’t understand how people can disrespect the very people that fight for freedom.

Thank you,

John Aguilar
McFall Grisham Post 249, Manteca
July 11, 2013