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Punishment for those who attacked veteran
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It is disgusting that a veteran(s) while volunteering to put out flags, who have served their country is attacked by a person(s) in Manteca, or anywhere else in the USA, after surviving attacks from enemy forces. Veterans served their country to preserve the freedom only to be attacked by one of our own.

They should be ashamed.

Punishment of some kind needs to be meted out to these people and not necessarily incarceration (however, keel-hauling would be a good reminder), but something that would educate and hopefully forever remind them of those who “gave it all” so they could act in such a manner.

We have two cemeteries (East Union and Parkview) that have many veterans headstones that need to be cleaned as they are covered in moss and dirt. Maybe while cleaning these monuments to really brave people that died to make sure we have the freedoms we have and reading the names and other inscriptions, out loud, will make them realize the error of their ways.

The Jimmie Connors VFW Post 6311 has a program for doing this clean-up of the headstones and ironically the same vets who were attacked belong to the American Legion Post 249 and also to the VFW Post 6311. Maybe they would like to be in charge of that detail to oversee the cleaning of the headstones? This would probably be more than 100 hours of community service and take up several weekends.

Or, they could help put out the Flags Over Manteca on designated days that the flags are placed on the streets of Manteca. The Legion and the VFW both have volunteers that rise at 4 a.m. to do just that on the Flags Over Manteca days. Maybe for these misguided individuals that could be everyday for a week up at the Main/Yosemite intersection, at 4 a.m., 100 or so flags could do it.

Or, many of the flags and the poles are in need of repair. Could be a great project for them to repair these poles/flags to remind them of why the flags are being put out each time. They’d remember why every time they drive down the street when the flags are out.

Lee Herren
Jimmie Connors VFW Post 6311
Community Service Officer
Vietnam ‘65 - ‘67