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Will bonus bucks save the day for public safety?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

At the Manteca city council meeting on May 7, the words “bonus bucks” was brought up by Councilman Vince Hernandez. This immediately caught the attention of several city staff department heads.

After a brief survey of the city staff personnel that Hernandez questioned, all three had already  “spent” the money that would be coming from the bonus bucks that was mentioned. That was no surprise. The words public safety will no doubt be put on the back burner with all the money coming in to fatten city coffers, most likely other staff members will jump on the band wagon, all wanting a slice of the pie for their own special projects.

Bonus bucks no doubt will be used for all the things that don’t pertain to public safety, police and fire personnel etc., after  Albert Boyce and Mike Atherton of Atherton Homes have reinstated them. This no doubt has put a glimmer into the eyes of city staff and our good ole boy council. A previous letter that I wrote concerning the possibility of our council placing on the ballot when  the next election rolls around to increase the Measure M tax for public safety from its measly ½ cent to a full 1 cent, can now be swept under the rug. Forget it, a new tax will not be needed, as all the bonus bucks that will be flowing into city coffers will meet the needs of public safety if managed right. Several people I have spoken with were worried to death about more taxes, now they can rest assured that more taxes. Not be needed. Bonus bucks have saved the day, or will they? Hooray for bonus bucks.

Fred Millner
May 13, 2013