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Shots fired during fight outside pub on North Main Street
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Shots were fired during a large crowd fight at 1:40 a.m. Saturday outside a North Main Street pub with one man being dragged by a car and a second victim stabbed and left on the sidewalk.

Manteca Police Sgt. Rob Armosino said most of the crowd had fled the scene before the responding five to seven officers arrived outside the Pub Bar at 1305 North Main Street at Joseph Road in north Manteca.  Numerous vehicles were leaving the area as the patrol cars arrived with their sirens blaring. 

Armosino said two of the suspects were firing their weapons into the air as at least two men were being assaulted by the crowd. A 23-year-old victim attempted to jump into a vehicle to get away from his attackers and when his hand became caught in the vehicle he was dragged alongside the car and finally fell to the ground, the officer said.  He was found on the east sidewalk with abrasions to his body.

The second victim – 27 years old – was found on the west sidewalk with a non-life-threatening knife wound in his side.  He had been jumped and stabbed by several subjects, police said.  

“Everybody on the scene was very uncooperative and the majority had left the area before we had arrived,” Armosino said.

A nearby neighbor contacted the Bulletin and complained about the increasing crime that had been plaguing his neighborhood in recent months.


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