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A favorite taco truck in Stockton
pic taco-san-juan
A taco meal from El Grullense taco truck parked on 212 E. Charter Way or Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Stockton. - photo by Photo Contributed

STOCKTON - When it comes to taco trucks, my friend Kevin has his favorite.

He claims that Taco San Juan, which is usually parked everyday on East Alpine Avenue and Wilson Way in Stockton, is the best.

“They really know how to load up the meat (on a burrito or taco),” Kevin recently said.

A carne asada burrito might run you about $4. But that includes all of fixings such as rice, beans, salsa, cilantro, and onions.

When it comes to taco trucks, my choice meat on a taco is carne asada. Many mobile vendors charge $1 to $1.25 for the flat corn-tortilla tacos or “taco-truck tacos” as we call them.

Where else but on a taco truck can you get lengua (tongue), cabeza (head), pollo (chicken) or carnitas (pork) on a burrito or taco.

Going to your favorite taco truck might mean going into a questionable part of town. Take La Perla de Occidente at East Bianchi Road near West Lane.

Back in 2010, the taco truck made news when a drive-by shooter sprayed bullets into a group, leaving four with non-life-threatening wounds. At the time, La Perla de Occidente was parked half-block down in the New Life Foursquare Fellowship church lot.

But that was an isolated incident. La Perla de Occidente is in an area with plenty of activity from the nearby Chevron station not to mention the busy, everyday traffic on West Lane.

I’ve been to this taco truck a few times in the past year. No complaints. Tacos are $1.25 for regular and $1.50 for supreme – included are cheese and sour cream – and the flavorful carne asada burrito can be had for less than $4.

This is one of my favorite taco trucks.

Jackie on might agree. She, too, is afan of La Perla de Occidente.

“Tacos are super tasty and inexpensive,” Jackie wrote. “You can easily stuff your belly for just a few dollars.”

She also favors the El Grullito taco truck at Hammer Lane and Holman Road in Stockton. “Tacos are super delicious and hits the spot every time,” Jackie added.

Other taco trucks include:

Longeria Chapala No. 3 – Usually parked at Pavillion Plaza on Hammer Lane across the street from the Stockton Nissan dealership. Stays open late (11 p.m.) during weekends.

El Grullense
– 212 E. Charter Way or Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Stockton. Some consider the tacos here to be the best in town.


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