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Lions & Lambs Preschool students complete successful field day runs
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An energetic 5-year-old Juliana Knight gave her best high five greeting to a giant frog. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Children and parents of the Lions & Lambs Preschool joined together for the school’s first fun field day Monday on the turf of the Calvary Community Church on Lathrop Road.

The event split the school’s student body over two days with designated starting lines and finish lines on the turf in front of the church. Director Sandy Quaresma said this first field event marks the preschool’s 10th anniversary. Lions & Lambs includes a full kindergarten for its students. Many of the parents got their exercise in keeping up with their children.

Demetrius Snear of Modesto is the organizer of the carnival run that he has programmed for other schools in the region. The children ran a course laid out with small flags and cones that included walking a wooden track, climbing over small fences and finally climbing over a large inflatable slide that saw many of them take to their air as they bounced down toward the finish line.

The all received a medal that was placed around their necks at the end of the race as parents took pictures with cell phones and cameras. Other static games were located under tents and several tables were set out for children and parents to lunch together. The kids showed their excitement over the snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn as well as with the nachos and hot dogs.

The Calvary Community Church Youth Group was charged with preparing the food.