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Parklet’ dining ends in downtown Ripon
sidewalk dining
A Matter of Taste outdoor dining platform in downtown Ripon is scheduled to be removed by Jan. 8.

When the Ripon City Council took action to rescind the “Outdoor Dining Within a Public Right-of-Way” and adopt the ordinance amending “Sidewalk Dining on Public Walkways,” the outdoor structures had to be removed.

Gone is the parklet belonging to A Matter of Taste Bistro & Wine Bar, located in historic downtown Main Street.

"The dining area in the street parking spaces has been removed," said Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart at the Jan. 11 meeting.

Mayor Dean Uecker went on to add: "The downtown area looks nicer and feels safer without the dining area in the parking spaces."

A public hearing was held at the recent meeting on the Planning Agency Fee schedule.

The sidewalk dining ordinance went into effect on Jan, 13.

It was during that time when the revised Planning Agency Fee added "Sidewalk Dining Permits" to the schedule.

"It is a requirement that all sidewalk dining within the City of Ripon obtain a sidewalk dining permit in order to operate within city limits," Zuidervaart said in his report.

As for cost, he referenced $270, which will help pay for staff to process these applications.

The permits are valid for one calendar year, expiring on Dec. 31 of the year in which they were issued,

"The annual renewal fee will be $75 for businesses in good standing," Zuidervaart added.