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Bay Area briefs
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WOMAN LEAVES JAIL, DRIVES INTO HOME: SANTA ROSA  (AP) — Police say a heavily intoxicated Northern California woman returned to jail less than 12 hours after getting out when she crashed a car into her friend's empty house.

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports Friday that 32-year-old Angela Marie Angerman of Santa Rosa was arrested after driving into a parked car and a tree before driving into the house Thursday night.

Police say Angerman was serving time for theft when she was released Thursday afternoon, then went to a friend's house that night to pick up her car.

Police say she tried to drive away from the crash on flat tires but they found her walking nearby and returned her to the same Sonoma County jail.

They say Angerman had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.


SAN BRUNO, Calif. (AP) — A father, son, and daughter are going to jail almost two years after brawling with police when a relative set off a firecracker near a Northern California apartment complex.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that 60-year-old Ephraim Rapada, 27-year-old Ervin Rapada and 29-year-old Crystal Rapada were sentenced Friday to three-to-four months apiece.

Each was convicted of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. They were acquitted of steeper charges that carried decades of prison time.

Authorities say the 2011 fight began after San Bruno police chased a fourth family member, 32-year-old Wendell Rapada, into a San Bruno apartment complex, suspecting he had thrown fireworks.

Authorities say he attacked officers, and the father, daughter, and son joined in.

Wendell Rapada was convicted separately and sentenced to two years in jail.