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Answering the question posed by letter writer about Trump supporters
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
What is wrong with Trump supporters? Plenty, but we are willing to admit what is wrong and actively initiate change under the Constitution. Unfortunately, those on the other side seek change by any means necessary including abridging the free speech of opposing views, judge shopping for extra-constitutional rulings, and propagation of innuendo as “news.” These people are lawless.
 Most news is based on the old adage: “if it bleeds, it leads,” and many on the other side are so enraged with the outcome of a legitimate election that they are incapable of realizing that they are being manipulated. With the latest Harvard study showing that the Democratic main stay, CNN, is 93% negative on Trump and the press as a whole 80% negative, you have to do a lot of independent digging to find the truth.
 Where did the Russian story come from? The Amazon best seller “Shattered, Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” says Democrat campaign staff hatched the narrative within 24 hours after her defeat: “…in the days after the election, Hillary declined to take responsibility for her own loss. Instead, [she] kept pointing her finger at Comey and Russia. …. [and] wanted to make sure all these narratives get spun the right way ….[So the campaign leaders] … Mook and Podesta assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case [for Russia]….”. But facts contradict this narrative; testimony from Comey and commentary from democratic leaders Feinstein and Schumer clearly said after months of investigation, “there is of no evidence of collusion.” I fear that if this house of cards collapses around the Russia narrative, the left will start civil unrest that we haven’t seen since the 1960s.
 What is wrong with us? We don’t let innuendo affect us and we will continue to elect leaders who faithfully execute the laws and the Constitution of the United States.

 Stephen Sampayan