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Backing Dale Kuil for SSJID board
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am a lifelong resident in the area in and around the City of Manteca.
My family background dates back to 1913, at which time my grandfather chose Manteca to raise a family and conduct a business. My grandfather described Manteca in 1913 to me as a thriving community with many benefits attributed to affordable farmland and irrigation surface water deliveries by South San Joaquin Irrigation District (“SSJID”).
Over time, SSJID’s ability to provide reliable water delivery service allowed for many business opportunities for those living and working here.
Today, SSJID’s Board of Directors and Staff continue to support economic opportunities through the implementation of various innovative water conservation measures allowing for expanded surface water deliveries benefiting not only our community but extending to those around us.
For this reason, I am supporting Dale Kuil for re-election to the SSJID Board of Directors.
Dale has been an active member of the SSJID Board for 14 years and has played an important role in SSJID water conservation efforts that have received national recognition for benefits achieved.
As the election day approaches I urge every voter to consider Dale Kuil when casting their ballot.

Martin Harris