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Council can spend $8,119 on a trip to DC but not $8,000 on water conservation committee
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

If saving money is the reason the Manteca City Council dumped the water conservation to avoid spending $8,000 a year, then they need to stop the annual trip for the council to Washington, D.C. that cost $8,119.60 this past April.

Mayor Steve DeBrum had expenses of $3,019.22 minus a $1,284.25 reimbursement paid by the San Joaquin Council of Governments. The taxpayers got off light with DeBrum. Councilman Mike Morowit stung the taxpayers for $3,048.48 for his trip. Councilman Gary Singh stung the taxpayers hardest of all with a $3,336.15 bill that they had to cover.

It is plain to see the DC trip is becoming a “family affair” for the Family City Council.

The council is concerned about spending $8,000 on a water conservation committee and then they “turned around and budgeted $279,000 for a “brain washer” — aka consultant — to do a citywide truck route study and a Lathrop Road corridor study.

Consultants really know how to snowball the city and their “beloved” City Council.

Fred Millner