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Denham milk toast on hate groups
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Congressman Jeff Denham was cited in two articles on the same day for his efforts to help California Guardsmen and his work with the Veterans History Project.  Kudos to Congressman Denham for his strong support of our military. 
In the interest of “fair and balanced,” I would like to remind those of us in Congressional District 10 that he also voted repeatedly to remove and replace the Affordable Care Act over a seven year period.  He then voted for “repeal and replace” after Trump was elected president. Senate and Congressional Republicans had seven years to come up with a plan that they could pass. They could not do it.  He has been silent and mostly unavailable in his district during congressional recesses.  He refuses to meet with his constituents to discuss issues important to them.  He continues to be difficult to engage on interests vital to those in the district he is supposed to represent. 
Congressman Denham has been milk toast when it comes to strongly distancing himself from President Trump’s indefensible stand on the racism of neo-Nazis, Alt.right groups, white supremacists, and other hate groups of that ilk.  My uncle fought with Patton in Germany and was a member of his 3rd army that relieved Bastogne. He was twice wounded while fighting the Germans, but returned to fight after each wound. He was a tanker.
He received the Silver Star for his action against a German gun emplacement when crossing a river.  He used to scream out in the night when dreaming about the horrors of that war. So did my step-father who was a co-pilot in a B17. He was shot down twice flying over Germany. Once his plane ditched into the English Channel and once behind enemy lines. His left femur was jammed up into his abdomen upon landing with a parachute that did not fully deploy. It was two days before he received any medical care for it.
German farmers who found him in a field wanted to shoot and kill him, but a brave individual prevented them from doing that.  He spent months in a German prison camp where he suffered from mistreatment.  Both are dead now.  Were their efforts to save the world from Nazi domination in vain?  What kind of person soft pedals these Nazis and white supremacists? 

Mike Killingsworth