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Depraved hatred of President Trump reaching new lows
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
There seems to be no bottom to the depth some of us are willing to fall while celebrating an unreasonable hatred of our new president Donald Trump.  First we had that ‘comedienne’ who I shall not name, holding a severed and bloody head in her hand that bore a remarkable likeness to our president; now we have a play purportedly about the death of Caesar — but it is set in the present and — wonder of wonders — Caesar looks remarkably like our President Donald Trump.
 No matter if I like it or not, he is our president — no matter what I may or may not think —  this disrespect and parodies of murdering our president, are destructive to our union — why?  We should celebrate our laws and support our president — it is doubtful President Trump caused any large problems for our country in the short time he was in office before the first knife into his presidency was plunged. All the fuss of ‘he said this’ and ‘he said that’ and ‘oh horror!  This is beginning to sound like a bunch of schoolyard bullies.  I know that if Republicans had done and said what has been done and said to President Trump to any Democratic President — OMG!  There would be riots, there would be threats and on and on.  The Democrats were upset and thinking of firing Comey when he spoke about what Hillary Clinton has done but when he went after Trump all that changed to support.  How two-faced is that?
Why not just give our president a chance?   He is a businessman who has successfully run a world-wide business and has met and spoken to many world leaders.  What do you think they think of our country?  If you sabotage him you sabotage us. Give us a chance to see what he can do before trying to impeach him for heaven’s sake. Or is the Democrat Party afraid that he just might succeed?  That might change things quite a bit. I am also upset at the Republican establishment and I believe they are afraid that Mr. Trump just might succeed and then they might lose their chances at being re-elected. We the voters might be more likely to vote in other non-politicians.
I see fear that this man who is not a politician will succeed where politicians before him have failed. Look how some Republican politicians have turned on Mr. Trump.
Here is a question for you — why do most long-term politicians in this era leave much, much wealthier than when they were elected and/or often with high paying jobs for which they are not qualified?  There are many more questions I could pose but this one is enough.   Frankly, this is the reason I voted for President Trump.- He is not a politician and he is successful in his career; he knows how to build things; he is an executive, he knows how to  delegate.  He knows how to create jobs; he knows how to stick to a budget and negotiate and he has experience with the wider world. These are useful tools and tools we need right now.  But the bottom line is that he was legally elected and we do not want to injure our rights including our right to have the president we elected.  If he can be deposed over what at this time looks foolish, so can other presidents.  Our future may be to constantly try to get rid of duly elected presidents if the opposite side doesn’t like the result of the vote.

Marie Evans