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Dislikes Pat Buchanan columns
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I wish the Bulletin would seek out more local opinion on national issues rather than bringing us nationally syndicated columnists who are easily available on the Internet. However if other readers prefer that our subscription fees go to the syndicates, I would ask that the Bulletin deliver greater balance in its opinion page.
For example many columnists do not agree with Patrick Buchanan’s recent column on the removal of Confederate statues which states: “… America is not the magnanimous country we grew up in.” Conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby states “… the core message of the Confederate monuments … stood for bigotry and racial backlash, and for the willingness to take up arms in defense of human bondage.” The Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, delivered a public speech about the purpose of the removal which states: “These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood for.” As President Trump stated in his review of Buchanan’s Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”:  “(He) is rewriting history and spreading fear for one purpose: To gain political power, that makes him a very dangerous man.”

Leo Bennett-Cauchon