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Frank Aquila is careless with the facts
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
“I’m constantly amazed at how careless our local right-wingers are with facts. It seems like it doesn’t matter to them whether they are accurate and truthful or not.” I first wrote these words responding to Frank Aquila seven years ago.
Frank recently wrote to blame the Democrats for the investigations into Russian involvement and possible collusion in our elections. The story began with telephone intercepts by the FBI, not the Democrats. Frank sees it as little more than a partisan attack. But many Republicans are similarly incensed at Russia’s attempt to manipulate our election. I was gratified to hear Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent comments about the Russians. He is every bit as infuriated over their behavior as I am.
Frank continues, “So far there has been no evidence of any ties between the Trump team and the Russians.” But this is factually untrue. There is plenty of evidence. The question is whether the evidence is of sufficient quantity and quality that authorities could allege collusion. I don’t know, and neither does Frank.
It may be that Frank is right and the multiple investigations, like the numerous congressional hearings over Secretary of State Clinton and Benghazi, will end up going nowhere.
Like so many other Americans, I want to get to the bottom of these allegations. Frank’s hyper-partisan fear that the investigation might reflect badly on his party is simply a case of putting the interests of the Republican Party ahead of the interests of the United States.

Mickey McGuire