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Growth is causing many problems
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
All you are about to read go together and red flags were up many years ago.
Overall it’s the whole picture and there is one word for it — growth. 
You can put only so many people in a three bedroom house. So again we are pointing to the golf course or the water shortage and the homeless people and kicking the can down the street which is the real stuff. 
Manteca thinks building houses will keep our retirement fund in the green.  It’s like many years ago when it was cheaper to slurry seal streets when it’s good for parking lots only.  My street has so many cracks in it like 2 inches wide that are producing grass. Are we going to so cover this with slurry seal?
Each time you cover a street with 2 inches of seal to a higher level you also cause the water that flows down the curb to go three feet toward the house more.  I speak of this because our whole city is running right besides kicking the can down the street.
Retirement funds should be put in outside investment system.  Manteca cannot be the bank and the workers can have a choice of where retirement goes.  Re- think Manteca’s operations and go for balance before expanding .

Lawrence W Scrivner Jr