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Liberal Democrats still havent gotten over President Donald Trumps election
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The liberal Democrats have not gotten over the election of President Donald Trump. But they should and at the same time start doing their elected duties of representing California citizens.
They have turned the election results into an issue of race. It is to some degree because some of our elected representatives have turned it into race and do not want the President to enforce current immigration laws and build the fence. This is where race enters the equation and some ignorant and misinformed African American activists and African/Black Caucus members have made it a race issue. Representative John Lewis is one of the contributors to the race issue.
For the reader’s information, I watched and listened to all the debates and never heard the President degenerate African/Black Americans. To the contrary, he spoke about the depressed inner cities where unemployed African Americans reside. The fact is many African Americans do not want to discuss the jobless rate in the Black Community nor the number of Black on Black killings in Chicago, and other cities where the preponderance of low income and those without jobs is where many Black Americans live. Baltimore is an example.
Therefore, to suggest and label President Donald Trump is self-serving to further their agenda of keeping the races divided and keeping those Black Americans receiving welfare on the reservation voting for the Democratic Party that has failed them for centuries. The fact is Democrats opposed the abolishment of slavery, wanted to retain slave ownership, and the KKK was born with its ranks filled with Democrats and not Republicans.
Many do not know their history because the history books do not include that aspect of history.
For the record, I am a Black American. It is important to note I use the words “Black American.”
Furthermore, racism will always exist, there are African/Black American racists, and in fact some are more racists than other races. And racism, especially under the Obama Administration, worsened.

Robert Fennell