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Now Democrats want $400M for healthcare
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
And so California’s taxpayers are going to be raped again! It’s not bad enough that “How Now Brown governor” and his cronies in Sacramento passed a $10 billion bond (now the cost is over $80 billion) measure for the bullet train to nowhere because they figured the Feds would cover most of the cost. They told Brown “no way in Hell!” So taxpayers are stuck with that! They just signed into law the new gas and licensing fees increases, which is for highway improvements but goes into the general fund so the monies can be hidden and never found. Gas taxes go up $0.20/gal and diesel up $0.25/gal.
Now they at proposing single-payer health care which will cost at least $400 billion and they have no way to pay for it. It will cover every single person living in the state of California — legal resident and illegal alien alike. Brown also transferred $150 million from educational advancement for middle class families (college costs and subsidies) and moved it over to student aid for illegals!
I don’t know about you but I’m tired of receiving no benefit from my taxes. My family deserves to benefit from my labor. This used to be one of the wealthiest countries, even though it is only one state of many, in the world. With the idiots in Sacramento we are now becoming a Third World country expecting Washington DC to bail us out of our stupid messes. Time to change; Democrats are not doing the job!
 Vote them all out!

Dale Burnham