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Says golf course losing money for City of Manteca is fake news
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
Last week you published an article on the Manteca Golf Course. In the article you stated that the City of Manteca needed to subsidize the golf course for the upcoming fiscal year for $130,000 due to a wet winter. This golf course has been making money for the city for some time.
I’m assuming the city gave you these revenue figures. If you would have checked further, I’m sure you would have gotten a far different story. The city has been using revenue generated by the golf course for years by departments not even related to the running of the golf course. Check the books and you will see as I did four years ago when I was the Manteca Men’s Golf Club president. The city uses the revenue of this golf course fast and loose in more ways than one. If the city is your only source for this story I suggest you dig deeper into city finances.
It’s fake news.

Tom Dunne