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What about safety at Lincoln School?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Every place has their internal issues. Manteca City Hall can’t keep a city manager that actually works for even five months. Why?
Manteca Unified School District is having their own issue with teacher salaries. Teacher Ken Johnson and the Manteca Teachers Association say it is a slap in the face. The fat cats in the MUSD, they say, are overpaid.
When it comes to money for the kids how about “safety” as we were promised in the bond election? I have personally spoken with Superintendent Jason Messer and Aaron Bowers who is in charge of facilities for the district. Plus I have spoken to Lincoln School Principal Steve Anderson concerning the water valves and pipes in front of the school and its new multi-million dollar multi-purpose room. It is not a safety issue according to Messer, Bowers, and Anderson.
The valves and pipes look like a thorny bush. Every school has these huge pipes sticking up and they all should be covered with a mesh screen safety box that many places place the mesh screening on them for both safety and to protect the pipes.
Letter writer Ron Cheek thinks Ken Johnson should change his profession. I say Messer, Bowers, and Anderson should change their professions if they don’t see the values and pipes as a safety issue.

Fred Millner