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Slogging thru workouts in survival mode
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.

Day 36

Well, this was a tough day to prepare for. Still sick as a dog and had zero motivation to do anything. I just wanted to sleep and had no appetite what so ever. I made it to work and it was for sure a day of just surviving work. I did not eat anything throughout the day until I got home when I had some turkey meat but that was about it. I then laid down to rest before going to the gym, which was a mistake because I fell asleep. Next thing I know it is approximately 7:15 p.m. and I was in no mood to go to the gym or even be awake. 

Still having trouble breathing and feeling terrible, I went off to CORE with my fiancé. My mood still did not change. I was easily the only negative energy in the gym at the time. I took my time before I started to workout because anything at the time made me angry. I finally started my workout, which was chest and triceps, and I completed it. I attempted to get some treadmill work in but to no avail because of how I was feeling. I immediately went home, took a shower and got ready for bed. Hoping I can feel better tomorrow.


Day 37

Another day that I woke up needing to survive. I felt no different than the previous day and had to work without any good rest or a good appetite. Also I had forgotten that I had another double shift and was at work all day once again. I was in another terrible mood throughout the day. The only thing I had to eat all day was one pre-made meal of chicken, quinoa and broccoli. After work I had not energy or desire to go to the gym and decided rest was more important for me, so off to bed I went in hope of a better day tomorrow.


Day 38

My day did not start until 11 a.m., and it began with a miracle … I COULD BREATH!

So with feeling a lot better I was off to the gym and had a great leg workout provided by Robert Iniguez. I then went home and had a breakfast round before I had to get ready for engagement pictures. As a guy, I still do not understand all the events leading up to a wedding but am more than happy to oblige and do as I am told. After our pictures, we headed straight to Modesto to run a few errands and at this point my appetite had returned. We stopped by Chipotle to get something to eat, which also improved my mood for the day. After all of our errands we went home and got ready for another round of working out at CORE. I hit back and biceps and can say it will be hard for me to move anything tomorrow. 


Day 39

Well, as I predicted I had to roll out of bed. My whole body was sore from the yesterday’s workouts. I decided to get some basketball time in at 24-Hour Fitness to loosen up my body. I then returned home and did yard work and house work to keep busy for the day. About mid-day I picked my sister up from school and took her to softball practice. It was then that I realized that I still needed to cook for the week ahead. I rushed home and began to defrost the chicken and then went to CORE. Today was a shoulder day; another day of me knowing I would be sore tomorrow. After the gym I went home and finished my meal preparation for the week with my meats veggies and quinoa, as usual.


Day 40 

Ab day! That’s how I started the day and I wish it was how my day ended. It was a different type of ab day and it killed me. I pushed through and had a great workout led by Robert, who was over watching me the entire time. By the end of the workout I had to rush home, make some eggs and get ready for work. I then packed my usual meals and went off to work. As soon as I got into work I was told once again I would have a 16-hour day. Nothing like working until 6 a.m. to start the work week.


Day 41-42

Not much to tell everyone about here. I worked from 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. both days and slept the rest of the day. I do know that the graveyard shift is a boring shift when you are all alone and have nothing to keep you entertained. I get to thinking that it’s a Saturday night and I am at work and not out with friends or family. Sometimes I just wish that I did that instead of work but I already know I have to make many sacrifices. I am blessed to be in this contest and continuing this journey. I am thankful for all of our supporters. Thank you, everyone.