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Woohoo! My pants are starting to get baggy!
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Day 22

I felt great today and felt even greater when my daughter and a few people at work told me that they could already notice a change in my body. That is some serious motivation. My weigh in went well tonight....of course, I’d like to drop 10 pounds every week, but am satisfied that the scale at least moved in a downward fashion. I lost some more inches and my BMI (body mass index) is going down so I am pleased. I felt pretty strong tonight at boot camp, but maybe that’s because we didn’t do one single push up tonight! Woohoo!!! It was a squat and lunge kind of day! We also jumped rope tonight which is something that I haven’t done in years.

Day 23

Tonight after a bit of cardio we did some good old fashioned lifting....the kind of lifting I did back in the day when I was playing, except when we were done lifting we had to end the night with pushups. And not just regular old pushups, but incline push-ups where we had to put our feet up on the tire. Trust me, just getting into the starting position is work in itself. We were supposed to do as many as we grand total was......2!!!! At least there’s nowhere to go but up.

Day 24

When I woke up this morning I could tell that it wasn’t just muscle soreness in my legs and back. I was running a fever and had body aches all day. No workout for me today :(. I also found it hard to eat on schedule today and to eat my regular food because of the way I was feeling.

Day 25

Another day of staying home from work due the flu. I’m beginning to think that I should have taken the time to get a flu shot, but am starting to feel better tonight. I’m still having a hard time making the right food choices when I’m feeling this way.

Day 26

I had quite an exciting morning. Since its Friday, I put on a pair of jeans today for work. However, after I had the jeans on for about 5 minutes my husband and I decided they were baggy on me and that I should see if a smaller size fit me. So back to the closet I went.....the closet that has every size jean in it from 10-18! I tried on the 16s and they fit....woohoo! And the best part of the day is when they continued to get baggier throughout the day. The bad news though is that I have not worked out for 3 straight days.

Day 27 & 28

Volleyball in Sacramento all day, both days. That means on the court at 7:30 each morning and playing until 5 each night. Unlike the last tournament I was ill prepared for this one and did not take any snacks or food with me. This was a major mistake. I have eaten poorly the past 2 days....I’m thinking the rainy cold weather had something to do with it as well. I fell off the wagon hard this weekend with my food choices and this is now my fifth straight day without exercise. I am weighing in tomorrow night and I can already tell that I have put some pounds back on. This is why I need this challenge this year....this is typical behavior for me. Tomorrow I need to get back on track.