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Gun range options from Linden to Oakdale
Linden one copy
A young sportsman at the San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol Range in Linden. - photo by Photo Contributed

LINDEN – So you can hit that 100-yard paper target in the black every time you pull the trigger.

Think you’ve got what it takes to put your shooting to the test on the 200-yard range?

Currently there’s only one outdoor shooting range in the immediate area that is open to the public and offers a 200-yard range – requiring those who use it to show their qualification skills before stepping up and propelling lead at the targets much further down.

Known as the San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol Range, this Linden destination draws both expert and amateur shooters alike and actually provides a trained staff to assist those who may need it – a much different approach than most ranges that utilize either only a range master or senior shooter to make calls about when it is safe to shoot or approach weapons.

The facility itself, located on rural Hewitt Road, provides concrete benches for shooters and a covered shooting area for sun protection. A 50-yard range and 100-yard range are among the most popular, but San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol draws people specifically because it allows for qualified shooters to attempt the 200-yard range.

A pistol range is also available, as is a 25-yard range for the kids.

San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol Range is located at 828 S. Hewitt Road and is open Thursday through Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 209.887.3191 or visit

Other ranges in the area include:

uEscalon Sportsman’s Club – Primarily a trapshooting club with multiple lanes for large groups. Membership in the group allows for a discounted trap shooting rate and access to other club features like dinners, speakers and meetings. The club has a bar and the building itself can be rented out and is quite popular for weddings and parties. Trap shooting is popular during the summer months, and other forms of shooting are available for members. The facility is located at 25195 E. River Road. For more information call 209.838.6736.

uOakdale Sportsman’s Club – This particular private club – which allows non-members to shoot – offers pistols, rifles, archery and trap. Members get a discounted rate and powder and primers are available to all members who have paid their dues – making reloaded ammunition quite popular amongst the enthusiasts who choose to practice it. A kitchen will serve lunch items on Saturdays and the whole facility can be rented out for contests or special events. The Oakdale Sportsman’s Club is located at 840 N. Stearns Road. For more information email the club secretary Sean Morgan at

uModesto Rifle Club – Is a private club with matches that are open to the public. They offer certain days, like hunter rifle sign-in day, where non-members can use the range, which is located at 1041 Patterson Road in Modesto. For more information about membership call Dorris Clark at 209.480.5798.

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