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Changes could keep most trucks from CenterPoint off Airport Way
Photo contributed by a Del Webb resident Three trucks are lined up southbound on Airport Way at the Lathrop Road intersection.

A move is afoot to force truck traffic from CenterPoint Business Park  that is less than 50 percent developed away from Lathrop Road and Airport Way.

An addendum to the Northwest Airport Way Master Plan environmental impact report released for comment this month delineates how that would happen.
*Eliminate the connection of Intermodal Way to Lathrop Road.

*Establish a STAA route for trucks allowed under federal law that are longer than the 65-foot maximum length for vehicle combinations California allows from the southern terminus of Intermodal Way to Lathrop Road.

*Establish a STAA route on Roth Road to Interstate 5.

*Concentrate all heavy truck traffic on Roth Road and Intermodal Way.

The modifications to the circulation system were developed through coordination with the City of Lathrop and neighboring Manteca residents that pointed out their concerns for truck traffic driving through residential areas of Airport Way and Lathrop Road.

These modifications are intended to improve safety on the roadway, and to eliminate truck emissions from these more sensitive residential areas. The modifications are anticipated to provide benefits related to Air Quality concerns, as well as traffic concerns.

 There has been 2 million square feet developed of 4.2 million square feet of distribution, industrial and commercial space approved in CenterPoint on 300 acres sandwiched between Airport Way and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Roth Road on the north and Lathrop Road on the south.

The existing users included Amazon, Penske Logistics (Lowe’s Home Improvement), Tactical 5.11, Crothall Laundry and a 153-stall truck parking yard. A major beverage distribution center has been proposed to take up some of the vacant land.


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