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Deli Delicious reopens Spreckels location
deli sandwich

Deli Delicious is staging a grand opening Saturday.

Ricky and Kamal Sandhu are the new franchise owners for the deli location in the Food-4-Less shopping center next door to Chase bank just off the 100 block of Spreckels Avenue.

They are planning giveaways and specials throughout their first week.

The new owners reopened the deli that had been shuttered.

Besides over 30 sandwiches, Del Delicious offers salads, seasonal soups such as chicken tortilla and tomato bisque, and dessert items that include cheesecake and cookies.

One item that helps set them apart from competitors such as the Subway Sandwich location in the same shopping center are their fries that are served three ways — regular, beer battered, and sweet potato.

They also offer chips as well as drinks including various Pepsi brands, bottled water, fresh brewed tea and energy drinks.  

The Fresno-based deli has 52 locations. All but one is found in the San Joaquin Valley. The 52nd location is in Marina near Monterrey. There are 19 stores in Fresno.