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Lathrop High grad launches scholarship fund
LHS grad
William Smith, who is a 2019 graduate of Lathrop High, is establishing a non-profit scholarship foundation to support high school students pursuing a career in the STEM field.

It wasn't too long ago that William Smith was in the classroom or playing soccer for Lathrop High.

The son of Bill and Carol Smith graduated with honors — he was salutatorian for the LHS Class of 2019 — and is wrapping up his studies in Naval Nuclear Prototype while taking online college courses.

He also had time to establish the William R. Smith Foundation.

His parents proudly shared their son's endeavor to provide scholarships to high school students pursuing a career in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) field.

"We are amazed at his efforts, drive and passion for helping students," said his mother Carol Smith on Facebook.

She credited the mentors in her son's life for helping provide that spirit of giving back to others.

The William R. Smith Foundation is set up to assist students with "the financial burdens of college (so they) can focus exclusively on their passions to become an engineer, technician, scientist, operator or mathematician."

Donations and more information can be obtained at