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Schools employ 2,242; Doctors Hospital tops private sector with 500 plus jobs
Doctors Hospital is the biggest private sector employer in Manteca providing more than 500 jobs.

Doctors Hospital of Manteca is the city’s largest private sector employer based on jobs located within the city limits.

The hospital has more than 500 employees based on 2017-2018 business license data collected by the City of Manteca. That is in addition to a medical staff of more than 150 physicians

Manteca Unified School District is not only the largest employer overall in Manteca but is the second largest in the South County behind Amazon that operates two distribution centers in Tracy,  has built its second distribution center in Stockton, has an Amazon Prime distribution center in Manteca, and operations at Stockton Metro Airport. The school district has 2,242 employees overall with close to two thirds based within the Manteca city limits.

Other top employers in Manteca after Manteca Unified and Doctors Hospital are the City of Manteca with 395 workers, Kaiser Permanente with 369 workers, and Walmart with 332, and Lassen Canyon Nursery with 250.

Based on employment projections when the Great Wolf indoor waterpark resort opens in mid-2020 the firm will employee 500 workers — split between 250 fulltime and 250 part-time.

That will make Great Wolf the second largest employer in Manteca behind Doctors Hospital of Manteca.

Based on economic outlooks the biggest generators of jobs in the near future in Manteca will be the distribution industry, trucking, healthcare, and  leisure and dining concerns.

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