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Portable dorm units for homeless arrive at Manteca location
One of the modular dorm units for the homeless as it was being delivered earlier this month.

Two portable buildings designed to accommodate up to 50 homeless were delivered Monday to Manteca’s temporary homeless services site at 555 Industrial Park Drive.

City Manager Toni Lundgren noted crews are now putting foundations in place as well as required items such as American with Disabilities compliant ramps.

City workers have already extended municipal services to the site.

The goal, if all goes well, is to start processing homeless into the dorms starting Dec. 18.

City personnel assigned to homeless issues, the Manteca Police Department, and His Way Recovery — the organization contracted to operate the shelter — are in the process of finalizing rules.

Homeless now staying in tents at 555 Industrial Park Drive will be the first transitioned into the dorms if they agree to follow the rules

After those homeless are processed, the city will move to the next step — getting other homeless off the street.

And since that may ultimately require more space, Lundgren said the city is in the process of seeking grants to acquire two additional dorms.

The two dorms now being put in place will have space for space for 25 men and 25 women.

Because homeless men constitute the vast majority of those on the streets, the second set of dorms could be dedicated to accommodate 50 additional men.

When Manteca is at a point that they have beds that aren’t filled, they can legally start applying pressure to get the homeless to either opt to follow the rules of the shelter and use a bed or else they can force them to “move on” and not camp at various locations in the city.

A point in time count of the homeless scheduled for January is expected to give the city a number of homeless individuals that they need to be able to accommodate to comply with 9th District court rulings that would then allow them to start applying pressure to the homeless still camping on the streets.

The homeless count two years ago was pegged at 129.

City officials anticipate it may be higher than that when the 2024 count is completed.

The portable dorms eventually be relocated to the site for the homeless navigation center/transitional housing/affordable housing project now moving through the planning stages just over a block away on Carnegie Court.

The portables would give the city beds in addition to what will be located in the permanent structures.

The homeless navigation  center is designed to provide services needed to transition the homeless off the streets and to the point where most can eventually support themselves.


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