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Ripon resurfacing streets east of 99 near Ripona
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Work continues on some of the city streets in Ripon.

The Mulholand / California Resurface Project that’s being conducted by VSS International, Inc. – Valley Slurry Seal Company has long been synonymous with high-quality emulsion, and was awarded the bid on May 14 for $614,120 via the Streets & Road Operating Fund – has consisted of various asphalt treatments along Mulholand Drive, California Avenue and several streets in the surrounding area east of Highway 99 near Ripona Elementary School.

The Ripon City Council just approved a change order for additional asphalt repairs at several locations in the area coupled with pavement striping.

“These locations were in need of asphalt repairs due to water line breaks and repairs,” said Associate Civil Engineer Elizabeth Quilici in her Aug. 13 staff report.

The other part of the change order is pavement striping.

“The Engineering Department and the Police Department have taken a survey of the striping needed on various streets throughout the city,” she said, adding that the request from the contractor was necessary providing thermoplastic striping as determined via the recent survey.

The unit pricing for this change order is comparable to past pavement striping projects and the current market rate, Quilici noted.

The asphalt repair change order (not to exceed $24,084) will be come out of the Water Enterprise Capital Fund while the pavement striping throughout Ripon (not to exceed $80,373) will be paid out of the Streets & Road Operating Fund.