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About the so-called homeless
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have personally seen the so called” homeless” shooting guns, wearing 16-inch knives, fighting, stealing and even starting fires. Be careful around these people who most likely are felons and fakers. They obviously don’t follow rules very well. I’ve seen these “homeless” leave the park in cars as the park closes.
We taxpayers need to stop dropping food and stuff off at the park. By the way these parks are being ruined and are dangerous for taxpayers and our communities. Why would they have barbecues? Do not encourage them. I’ve seen people staying in the park all day everyday using the bathroom on the ground and in a bush and into containers. I’ve been yelled at, mad dogged, threatened and had women dancing around taking off their clothes. Prostitution is also in the parks. I’ve seen them getting picked up and dropped off. I have never spoken one word to any of them. Why can’t we and our kids use our parks in safety?
 They are jobless and criminally inclined but not temporarily homeless. They will cut you. They will rob you. They will rape or kill. Be aware. Watch out for these people’s dogs. Why do they have so many pit bulls? Do you think they have shots?
 What kind of job are they looking for in a park every day ? Most of these people choose to be there. They want to be in our parks. They like it. They get bikes and terrorize cars. They get free food. Idiots give them money! In our society if you want a job and go around someone will hire you. Just follow the rules. Be honest. Be on time. Conform. Stay off alcohol and all drugs. These people are not trying to do the right thing.

R Fernandez