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Depp crosses way over the line
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Johnny Depp is an actor I once admired for his acting ability.  I do not expect much personally from any actor in our movies and am rarely shocked by anything they do or say unless it is not self-serving — so I have low standards when it comes to most movie actors.  But, Johnny Depp has really crossed the line (as has Madonna) and I realized to them what people like me think isn’t really pertinent.  But we do have a vote with what entertainment we buy tickets for and they are blackballed as far as I am concerned. 
This is America, we all have a right to our opinions but when it crosses the line, which he definitely did when he bemoaned the fact that it has been a long time since an actor has killed a sitting president - Abraham Lincoln — he crossed a line in my heart - and, darn it!  I was looking forward to seeing his new movie but now I will view none of his movies — old or new.  He seemed to be hinting that he might like that notoriety.
I think it is very dangerous to talk about killing anyone not just someone that some people judge to be a killer in their minds.  By Depp’s statement, he seems to feel that to kill a sitting president is a good thing.  We ‘the people of the United States’ vote for president and we did!  Apparently some Democrats agree with rioters essentially against real people who are Republican, actors threatening to burn down the White House (Madonna —what a gross misnomer) where the first family resides, not to mention servants, guests, firefighters, etc.  WHAT are they thinking?  While I am sure there are Republicans who cross the line, thankfully, I have not seen them in print.  But I do see Democrats in print and on TV, threatening the very existence of the right to be a Republican and by extension any other belief that does not fit with their ideas.  And they seem to absolutely revel in it.  This is a dangerous situation for all of us.  If you want change, work for it.  It can be done; California was once a basically Republican state and now it is not.  A lot of us are unhappy with that but I would condemn anyone who threatened a Democrat just for being a Democrat.
Thank God for those very brave officers who were essentially armed with BB guns compared to the automatic rifle the gunman had.  They so bravely came out shooting — how heroic is that??  Just compare what they did to what some aforementioned people do and say!   Even after that event, the crazy democrats were short with their sympathy and quick with their complaints. I believe the saner democrats better start making themselves heard or we may see more nuts like Mr. Hodgekinson appear shooting with their guns who knows where?  And I am not saying Republicans are not capable of all of the above but I cannot judge that as I have not read or heard any of them speak and act as I have seen the Democrats do.  My judgement would be the same.  Life cannot be brought back once it is gone — neither can actions once they are done. 
I am an old woman and I have seen a lot, been through a lot of riots and heard a lot of crazy things but this turning against each other in the greatest country of the world at these high of levels and persistence I have only seen once in my life and that was Vietnam.  If you do not like our country, you are free — just move on to another country like both sets of my grandparents did. and see how welcome you may or may not be.  I will be wishing you well,

Marie Evans