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Post Office needs to step up
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I read with interest the two news articles in the past four days regarding mail theft (“Mail theft rampant in Manteca” — Aug. 1 and “Mail theft increasing in Manteca” — Jul2y 29).
The July 29 story focused on the bigger picture of mail theft and how it affects the average resident while the Aug. 1 story reported on the cluster mailbox thefts themselves and ways to reduce one’s exposure to the thefts.
I find it inexcusable that the Post Office is unresponsive to these thefts. With 21 cluster mail boxes hit in four days, we are on track to have all of those type mailboxes out of service in the near future. The only response I have heard from the Post Office is when they tell residents that they have to come in to pick up their mail until the box is fixed. This is not a resident’s problem — we have no choice but to use the cluster boxes. It’s a police problem because it’s a crime and I’m sure they are getting tired of the thefts. The bottom line is that it’s a Post Office problem because they control the mail and the boxes. When we hear over and over that thieves are gaining access through the outgoing mail slot, one cannot help but question, why not remove the outgoing mail slot doors and replace them with solid doors.
Was the Postmaster asked to contribute to the story? If not, why not? Someone needs to hold the local Postmaster, the regional postal authorities, and their law enforcement division accountable. Let’s hear some answers and solutions. Sometimes a simple fix like removing the outgoing mail slots is the quickest and easiest answer. Otherwise, let’s get a few welders to go around and seal the mail slots. After the length of time this has been going on, and the increasing number of boxes hit, I bet we’d find enough volunteers to do the Post Office’s job for them.

John Vonhof