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Taxes: More we give, more they want
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to write to your readers about several issues.  First, I would like to acknowledge the decent young men and women who took the time to write in a letter about an older couple picking up your tab at Applebee’s.  This older couple saw that you were appreciative young men and women and it shows they were right when you acknowledged them in the paper.  What a wonderful story.

I also want to acknowledge the recent letters from Paul Banicki, Frank Aquila, James Simoni and many other wonderful conservative letter writers that take the time to expose the liberal lies that sometimes fill the paper.  It is wonderful they love America to bring this information to each of us. And even though I am late in mentioning this, if you did not attend the congressional forum that was put on by the South San Joaquin Republicans, you missed a real treat. It was a wonderful event and Frank did such a wonderful job asking the candidates tough questions.  It is frightening what the Democrats want to do to this nation.  We are going to lose our country if we do not act and get involved.

I was amazed to look at the front page of the paper today and the push for a 1/2 cent jail sales tax that would make Manteca sales tax up to 9.75%!  This on the same day the Democrats voted to raise the ceiling of the national debt to $14.3 trillion.  I heard the Democrats clap and cheer that they were able to pass such a bill.  I will say this to any elected leader.  You are paid to make decisions to represent the people and control spending. Manteca is already the highest taxed city in San Joaquin County and I will not vote for any politician who is in favor of raising taxes anymore.  You always scare the people to give us reasons to raise taxes like we will not have money for police or fire or prisoners will go free; but the more we give, the more you want.  Fund the police and fire first. Control your spending. Balance your budget.  I have to control my spending and balance my budget.  I expect the leaders of the city to do the same.  Quit balancing your budget with my money.
  Amy Sullivan
Feb. 4, 2010